Music is made to be felt, not just heard.

Music today is rich in low frequencies, making it intense and powerful. The Basslet delivers the thump of a fat kick drum and the groove of a funky bassline directly to your body – so you can literally feel your music anywhere you go.

Get lost in your music

Put on your headphones and feel the bass flow through your body.  Anywhere, anytime. The Basslet transforms everyday music listening into a fully immersive experience.


Who’s been talking about the Basslet

The precision of the bass frequencies is astonishing. It adds a new dimension and depth to music listening.
— Engadget
I am just speechless. It actually feels like holding my hand next to a speaker in a club. My adrenaline is pumping!
— Deutschlandradio
When he turned the Basslet off, I got withdrawal symptoms: something went missing and the music suddenly sounded amazingly flat.
— Wirtschaftswoche
The Basslet is like a subwoofer for your wrist!
— Übergizmo

A truly mobile experience

On the go, at the gym, on the plane – wear it everyday and anywhere you go. The Basslet is truly portable: lightweight, wireless, and simple to use.

Like a wearable subwoofer

Inside the Basslet is the world’s most accurate vibrotactile technology for sound. Our patent-pending engine recreates the same bass spectrum as a large subwoofer – making you feel like you’re standing right next to one.

And yes, it is totally silent to the outside world.

Key Features

  • Powerful bass: covers a frequency range from 10 to 250Hz
  • 5+ hours playtime
  • Simple to use
  • Adjustable intensity

The Basslet is designed and engineered in Berlin.