We design the most remarkable haptic experiences on the market – bringing technology to life with our unique hardware and intelligent software.

Immersive Haptics

Today, VR delivers stunning visuals and crystalline audio. Our technology raises haptics to the same high standards: powerful performance and outstanding fidelity.

With a true wideband response and ultra-low latency, we create rich tactile effects like you’ve never felt before.

Lifelike Interfaces

Experience truly natural interactions with nuanced notifications, realistic clicks and lifelike textures – for all your favorite apps.

Our ultra-compact solutions are power-efficient and completely silent.

Haptics as a Service

We offer a new approach to haptic design: superior hardware driven by intelligent software – combined with end-to-end service.

Your products will feature dynamic and natural haptics, while your customers will enjoy remarkable tactile feedback. And, your developers gain the right tools and expertise to make cutting-edge tactile experiences.

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User Experience

Experience it Now

To showcase our technology, we built a unique consumer product: the Basslet.

Powerful. Silent. Compact. It’s the world’s first watch-size subwoofer that delivers bass directly to your body – for a deeper listening experience headphones alone cannot provide.

Launched in 2016, the award-winning Basslet is testament to the quality of our digital signal processing, intelligent software, industrial design, and manufacturing processes. Try it for yourself!

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Lofelt Features AR/VR


Dissolve boundaries between the virtual and the real

Lofelt Features Headset


Make gaming and music listening an immersive experience

Lofelt Features Automotive


Send tactile alerts and notifications that keep you focused on the road

Lofelt Features Smartphone and Tablets

Smartphone and Tablets

Create profound connections between users and their devices

Lofelt Features Gaming


Improve your performance and dive deep into new worlds

Lofelt Features Tactile Toys

Tactile Toys

Breathe life into action and soft toys