Unlock the Power of Haptics

Lofelt builds state-of-the-art haptic technologies for content creators and device brands.

Lofelt Studio

Create Remarkable Experiences

Rapidly design, test and integrate captivating tactile effects for mobile, using a suite of creative tools for quick iteration and implementation. Lofelt Studio works on iOS 13, with more platforms coming soon.

Design Haptics

Design and Iterate Quickly

Create better haptics faster using a visual editor. Enhance your sound effects with advanced haptics in an instant. Feel your design changes in real-time, no need to write code or build an app.

Integration Frameworks

Flexible Implementation, Tight Control

Ship advanced tactile effects with ease from within your favorite development environment. Set parameters of the lightweight playback engine at runtime. Generate haptics from streaming content in real-time with our audio analysis DSP directly on your users’ devices.

Built with Lofelt Studio

Feel Your Game

The award-winning game, Blackbox, now features advanced tactile effects designed with Lofelt Studio.

“This is so exciting — a full solution for tweaking and crafting detailed custom iOS haptic files. It’s amazing to feel the game come to life!”
Ryan McLeod, Designer at Blackbox

Built with Lofelt Wave

Bring Immersive Experiences to Gaming

The flagship Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset featuring haptics by Lofelt delivers immersive haptic experiences on PC, console, and beyond.

Latest in Haptics

Core Haptics in Depth

Detailed discussion on Apple Core Haptics, creating rich, immersive tactile effects with Lofelt Studio and other visual tools.

VT-1 Specification for Haptics

At Smart Haptics 2019, Lofelt unveiled the VT-1 Specification. This concrete proposal provides parameters and requirements for objectively defining realistic vibrotactile feedback.