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To create the next generation of consumer devices, analytical and creative minds must work together every step of the process. This is why we foster an open work environment where team spirit is key. We like cross-functional collaboration, direct communication, enthusiasm and responsibility. Every employee has a personal stake in our success and accomplishments.

We’re looking for exceptional individuals with creative spirit and a vision of what tomorrow should look (and feel) like.

Come build the future of haptics at Lofelt!

A sense of trust and team spirit permeates our culture — in fact, it’s the key to our success.

Lofelt Careers Happiness


Work is only fun if it makes you satisfied. We love where we work and we think you will too. We encourage our team to make personal happiness and satisfaction a priority in their lives.
Lofelt Careers Teamwork


Our culture is defined by our team. We work together, learn together, and succeed together. “Team fit” is at the core of our hiring process and we are committed to an open and diverse work environment.
Lofelt Careers Incredible Support

Incredible Support

We offer relocation support when moving to Berlin - from finding a flat, getting visas, or visiting the Bürgeramt for the first time. Our amazing team is there for you!
Lofelt Careers Real Trust

Real Trust

We trust each other to get the job done. Manage your own time, give and receive honest feedback and play a role in growing the business. Every employee has a stake in the business - so everyone benefits from our success.
Lofelt Careers Healthy Environment

Healthy Environment

A healthy body compliments a happy mind. That’s why we give everyone access to fresh fruit, healthy snacks and additional health insurance.
Lofelt Careers Pet Sounds

Pet Sounds

Winslow is our office guard dog. Cuteness overload guaranteed. He doubles as a therapy dog when work gets intense.

Current Openings

Junior Web Developer

Part Time | Berlin, Germany

Mechanical Engineer

Full Time | Berlin, Germany

C/C++/DSP Developer

Full Time | Berlin, Germany

Director of Global Business Development

Full Time | Berlin, Germany

Product Owner

Full Time | Berlin, Germany

We like people with all kinds of experience. Feel free to submit a general/unsolicited application if your skills and passions align with ours.

Lofelt Careers
Lofelt Careers

“At Lofelt I can bring my expertise in haptics to all aspects of the mechanical design process, from concept to prototyping to manufacturing.”
- Amir

Lofelt Careers

“Working in such a cohesive, well-structured and focused team is very fulfilling at a personal and professional level.”
- Alex