Lofelt Studio

Add Haptics with Intuitive Design

Create high–quality haptic feedback from audio without any code or previous design experience. Powerful features and simple workflows help you create your signature feel – fast.

Haptify Your Projects with Batch Processing

Convert multiple audio files – even multiple folders – all at once and in seconds, making it easier than ever to create HD haptics from a large amount of content.

Audition Your Haptic Design in Real Time

Quickly iterate and refine your haptic creations, feel the edits instantly synced with your phone.

Explore New Directions with Creative Analysis

Achieve new and distinct styles of haptics by analyzing your audio file and adjusting parameters – without a need for detailed editing.

Collaborate Quickly for Group Feedback

Audition and share haptic designs with your team using QR codes or link sharing – for instant feedback and quick iteration.

Built with Lofelt Studio

Feel Your Game

The award-winning game, Blackbox, now features advanced tactile effects designed with Lofelt Studio.