Integration Features

Implement Better Haptics, Faster

Add advanced tactile effects in your apps and games using the lightweight haptic playback engine in Lofelt Studio, built for iOS and Android.

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Employ a High-Level, Intuitive Haptic API

With Studio, you no longer need to deep dive into the nuances of individual platforms. Rely on a single, multi-platform API and data format, tailored for use in your favorite, everyday development environment or game engine.

Playback with Adaptive Algorithms

Studio implements a single playback engine equipped with Lofelt intelligent algorithms. Our research ensures an optimal playback experience for your users, making best use of their device capabilities at runtime.

Exercise Dynamic Run-Time Control

Adjust parameters of pre-authored and auto-generated haptics at runtime. This allows your original haptic design to be tweaked on the fly in reaction to in-app or in-game events.

“With products on the market and an impressive tech stack, Lofelt is the only credible player to bring advanced haptics to mobile games.”
Jens Hilgers, Founding Partner, BITKRAFT Esports

Pair Your Sound to a Haptic Effect

With our SDK, you can trigger a haptic clip designed with Lofelt Studio and its associated sound file simultaneously in your app to create more immersive experiences and content.

Generate Haptics for Streaming Content

Turn any live audio source into haptics, especially useful when your application can’t know the content in advance. Apply the right analysis presets at runtime to best suit the content: streaming music, synthesized game audio, movies, advertisements, or any other user-generated media.