Haptic Integration

Integrate Haptics Fast on Multiple Platforms

Add HD haptic effects to your games and apps using the lightweight haptic playback SDK and game engine plug-ins in Lofelt Studio or Nice Vibrations 4 – built for multiple platforms.

Get Started
Development Environment

Build Better Games on Unity

Using the Nice Vibrations Unity plug-in, trigger HD haptic feedback on your iPhone, Android, PC and console games with a universal interface built on our SDK. Includes royalty-free assets and haptic starter packs.

Easily Integrate with a Lightweight SDK

Add HD haptic effects to your apps using the haptic playback engine in Lofelt Studio and just a few lines of code.

“Partnering with Lofelt has helped make Nice Vibrations the product I always envisioned it should be: advanced runtime control; an even easier-to-use API; and, high-quality haptic feedback across platforms.”
Renaud Forestié, More Mountains

Author Once, Play Many

Deliver an optimal experience for users with a consistent Studio API and universal haptic format that plays back on Android, iOS and PC.

Adapt On-the-Fly with Runtime Control

Adjust parameters of pre-authored and auto-generated haptics at runtime to best suit your content, and tweak your haptics in real-time and in response to in-game events.