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Experience what it’s like to feel the full power of music in high definition – anywhere you go. That’s the power of the Basslet, the watch-size subwoofer. It delivers bass straight to your body – for a powerful music experience that headphones alone cannot provide.

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How does it feel?

If active noise cancelling was a surprise route to tranquility, then the Basslet is an audio adrenaline shot in the eyeball. James Trew, Engadget

I heard things in songs I’ve been listening to for years that I had never noticed before. Haje Kamps, TechCrunch

I love going to concerts and shows. The Basslet can imitate that sort of experience. Florence Ion, Android Central

The precision of the bass frequencies is astonishing. Sascha Kösch, Engadget

The LoSound engine

The Basslet’s high-performance LoSound engi ne precisely recre ates bass frequencies down to 10 Hz. Feel the thump of a kick drum or the groove of a funky bassline in high definition. There is nothing like it out there – and we're very proud of it.

Every box includes:

  • - Basslet (Black Edition)
  • - Sender (also works as a charger)
  • - Charging cable (Micro USB to USB)
  • - Additional strap
  • - Strap tool
Inside Basslet Box


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Limited Warranty

Lofelt GmbH guarantees the original purchaser that your Basslet will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase provided that your Basslet is used for the normal consumer purposes. This Limited Warranty covers only a purchase of a new Basslet from Lofelt and accompanied with this written Limited Warranty. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and cost, please don’t return any products without contacting our customer support: Lofelt’s full warranty terms are available at:

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