Shaping the way we experience
music and sound

Lofelt creates high-quality tech products for people who are passionate about sound and music. Our products are developed in-house from initial idea to final design and technology.

In 2016, we debuted the Basslet, a wearable subwoofer for your body. Basslet deepens our connection to music and offers an augmented sound experience – anywhere you go. With 600,000€ raised, the Basslet ranks in the top 5 of the most successful German Kickstarter projects of all time.

Daniel Büttner, Founder & CEO

Daniel Büttner, Founder & CEO

Gwydion ap Dafydd, Founder & CTO

Gwydion ap Dafydd, Founder & CTO

The company is driven by a dynamic team that pushes technical boundaries to enable emotional experiences through technology: software and hardware engineers, product developers, designers, communication and business professionals – who love what they do. Together, we cover all areas of product development from initial concept to market, and everything in between.



December 2013         

Proof of concept

May 2014

Company formed

August 2014

1st wireless Basslet prototype

June 2015

Won Midem Award

July 2015

Patent filed for LoSound Engine

November 2015

Miniaturized Prototype

June 2016

Kickstarter Launch

July 2016

Basslet is the 5th most funded German project in Kickstarter's history