Lofelt Wave Firmware

Maximize performance and efficiency with intelligent haptic signal processing.

Lofelt Wave modular processing chain delivers the best possible user experience.

Stereo Audio Input
– Comes directly from game
– Supports analog and digital inputs

Adaptive Audio Analysis
– Time-domain analysis
– Precise transient detection
– Dynamic range control

Haptic Signal Processor
– Dynamic filtering
– Noise reduction
– Low frequency tuning

Actuator Control System
– Linearized frequency response
– Monitor signal amplitudes
– Displacement control

Realistic Haptic Experience
– Real time tactile feedback
– Complete audio-visual-haptic experience
– Improved gaming reaction time

Supported on:

L-Series Actuators

Based on an innovative voice coil design, the L-series actuators display significant advantages over traditional ERM, LRA, EAP and piezo technologies.

L5 Actuator

This patented act

L5 Actuator

This patented actuator is design-in ready and available to ship at mass production quantities. It features true wideband response, high acceleration, low voltage and is RoHS/REACH compliant. The L5 is designed for medium-sized devices like headphones, laptops, gaming and VR controllers, computer mice as well as other input peripherals. See it in action in the Razer™ flagship wireless gaming headset.

L7 Actuator

This cylindrical

L7 Actuator

This cylindrical voice coil motor uses optimised magnetic flows to deliver maximum force and fidelity over low frequency ranges – ideal for full-impact, high-intensity immersive experiences like gaming, tactile feedback in automotive applications and beyond.

Multiphysics Simulation


Multiphysics Simulation

Lofelt uses state-of-the-art software simulation to guarantee optimized actuator designs. A full understanding of the physical model and fatigue behavior delivers optimal performance with the highest production quality standards.

Evaluation Kits

Rapid prototyping with Lofelt Wave firmware and hardware – for a variety of audio-to-haptics applications.

Evaluation Kits - Rapid prototyping with Lofelt Wave firmware and hardware – for a variety of audio-to-haptics applications.


The evaluation kit (EVK) converts any standard stereo audio input – games, movies, VR or music – into a high-resolution haptic signal in real time. The haptic actuator included in the kit translates the signal into high-definition vibrations for natural tactile feedback.

Modular design

Each PCB section can be broken out to fit inside target prototype hardware like headsets, gaming/VR controllers and other input peripherals. The DSP can also be easily adapted to different application thanks to the modular design of the signal processing chain.