Lofelt Wave Firmware

Maximize performance and efficiency with intelligent haptic signal processing.

Lofelt Wave modular processing chain delivers the best possible user experience.

Stereo Audio Input
– Comes directly from game
– Supports analog and digital inputs

Adaptive Audio Analysis
– Time-domain analysis
– Precise transient detection
– Dynamic range control

Haptic Signal Generator
– Dynamic filtering
– Noise reduction
– Low frequency tuning

Actuator Control System
– Linearized frequency response
– Monitor signal amplitudes
– Displacement control

Realistic Haptic Experience
– Real time tactile feedback
– Complete audio-visual-haptic
– Improved gaming reaction time

Supported on:

L-Series Actuators

Based on a voice coil design, L-series actuators display significant advantages over traditional ERM, LRA, EAP and piezo technologies.

L5 Actuator

This patented act

L5 Actuator

This patented actuator is design-in ready and available to ship at mass production quantities. It features true wideband response, high acceleration, low voltage and is RoHS/REACH compliant. The L5 is designed for medium-sized devices like headphones, laptops, gaming and VR controllers, computer mice as well as other input peripherals.

See it in action in the Razer™ flagship wireless gaming headset.

L7 Actuator

This cylindrical

L7 Actuator

This cylindrical voice coil actuator uses optimised magnetic flows to deliver maximum force while maintaining optimal precision over low frequency ranges – ideal for full-impact immersive gaming with realistic texture renderings as well as high-fidelity clicks and touchscreen effects for automotive applications.

Multiphysics Design

Lofelt us

Multiphysics Design

Lofelt uses state-of-the-art software simulation to guarantee optimized actuator designs. A full understanding of the physical model and fatigue behavior delivers optimal performance with the highest production quality standards.

Evaluation Kits

Rapid prototyping with Lofelt Wave firmware and hardware – for a variety of audio-to-haptics applications.

Evaluation Kits - Rapid prototyping with Lofelt Wave firmware and hardware – for a variety of audio-to-haptics applications.


The evaluation kit (EVK) converts any standard stereo audio input – games, movies, VR or music – into a high-resolution haptic signal in real time. The haptic actuator included in the kit translates the signal into high-definition vibrations for natural tactile feedback.

Modular design

Each PCB section can be broken out to fit inside target prototype hardware like headsets, gaming/VR controllers and other input peripherals. The DSP can also be easily adapted to different application thanks to the modular design of the signal processing chain.